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Compulsory equipment for motorcycle: What is a must and what else to take with you?

Compulsory motorcycle equipment: What all is needed? [INFO] | MEFO

The motorcycling season is in full swing and with it the need to have a properly equipped motorcycle. Mandatory motorcycle equipment is essential not only for your safety but also to meet legal requirements. In this article, we'll take a look at what all mandatory motorcycle gear must include to be prepared for any situation on the road and what else is good to have on hand, even if it's not mandatory.

Compulsory motorcycle equipment
In the Czech Republic, the compulsory motorcycle equipment is not very extensive, but its content changes from time to time, so it is important to have up-to-date information. What is the compulsory motorcycle equipment now?

First aid kit
Every motorcyclist knows that safety on the road is paramount. In addition to a protective helmet and other equipment, a motorcycle first aid kit is an essential piece of equipment. A properly equipped motorcycle first aid kit can be crucial in the event of an accident or other health problems on the road. So what shouldn't be missing in a first aid kit?

Choking rubber bandage - 1 piece
finished dressing with 1 pad - 1 piece
finished bandage with 2 pads - 1 piece
rubber latex gloves - 1 pc
However, when talking about the contents of the first aid kit, the "less is more" rule definitely does not apply, so you'd better incorporate other recommended components such as:

a patch with or without a pillow
a three-pointed scarf
spare gloves
isothermal foil
Reflective vest
A reflective vest is part of the mandatory equipment for motorcyclists from 2022. In the event of a breakdown or accident, it is necessary to stop and move close to the road. On an unlit road or even a motorway, a motorcyclist without a reflective vest can be almost invisible to other drivers. Therefore, in situations like this, a reflective vest for a motorcyclist greatly increases the chances that other drivers will see him in time to avoid him. Of course, every motorcyclist must also have working lights on their motorcycle.

TIP: It is advisable to wear a reflective motorcycle jacket or other reflective elements for increased safety even when riding.

A properly fitted and fastened helmet must be worn by both the motorcycle driver and passenger. A helmet is therefore compulsory for all persons on a motorcycle. Remember that the helmet must be homologated and comply with the relevant standards. Head injuries are among the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents, so do not underestimate the choice of a quality motorcycle helmet.

What other motorcycle equipment will you need?
Driver's licence and roadworthiness certificate - Although you no longer need to physically carry your licence and roadworthiness certificate from 1 January 2024, it is of course essential to have both documents valid. Even so, we recommend that you keep them close at hand. If only for the sake of quick and hassle-free checks - the police can verify the data electronically, but if there are technical problems or a system failure, it's better to have the physical documents with you to save yourself a lot of time.

Repair tools - It's a good idea to have basic and ideally multi-tools available in case you need a quick repair or maintenance on the road. This includes wrenches and screwdrivers or impact wrenches, for example. For chain maintenance, it's a good idea to carry chain oil spray.

TIP: Check out our motorcycle tool sale.

Hydration System - Especially on longer trips, keeping hydrated is essential. If you don't want to stop often to indulge in some water, then a motorcycle drink bag is a great solution.

A helmet is the most important protective gear that can make the difference between life and death in an accident. That's why it's important to wear it always and everywhere, no matter how short or long the planned journey is. Investing in a quality helmet is worth it - after all, health and life are priceless. By the same token, keep your first aid kit honestly stocked. While we hope we never have to use it, its presence can give us peace of mind and reassurance that we're prepared for unexpected situations. So, when planning your motorcycle trips, don't just forget about a helmet or perhaps spinal protectors, but also a well-equipped first aid kit. Your health and safety come first.


Compulsory equipment for motorcycle: What is a must and what else to take with you? recommends
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