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What else is needed for your motorcycle? Of course a quality cable, both clutch and throttle. We offer cables that fully replace the original part from Zap Technix Germany, Venhill and Motion Pro USA. Clutch cables and throttle cables for your bike are essential for precise and reliable handling. We offer a wide selection of moto cables for different types and brands of bikes to ensure optimal performance and long life. Choose from our range and keep your bike in top condition.

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Throttle cable fits on YZ125 22/24

Throttle cable fits on YZ125 22/24

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22.71 €
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CABLE from Mefo

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Proper maintenance and replacement of your motorcycle clutch cables are key to ensuring your bike handles accurately and reliably. The same applies to motorcycle throttle cables. We offer a wide selection of moto cables that are designed to provide maximum durability and smooth handling.

Our cables are made from quality materials that ensure long life and reliable performance. Regular inspection and replacement of cables can greatly improve the responsiveness of your bike and increase the safety of your ride. Also check out our motorcycle levers and motorcycle lever guards. Invest in quality moto parts including cables and enjoy a smooth and safe ride. Our cables are designed to be easy to install and provide maximum protection from wear and corrosion, making them the perfect choice for everyday use and racing.
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