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MEFO MOUSSE are completely made in Germany, the production elastic material (it is not plastic) is always fresh and is developed directly in Germany. It is a wide range of sizes of different hardness. Mefo Mousse are suitable for motocross, including junior motocross, as well as enduro, extreme enduro, MTB or side by side. Mousse are mounted instead of inner tubes, the big advantage of mousse is that it cannot be damaged during the ride like a inner tube.
There are a few rules to follow for Mousse:
- Avoid temperature differences during storage, the optimum temperature is max 30°C.
- Do not expose Mousse to sunlight, store it in a black bag
- To assemble the Mousse it is necessary to lubricate it properly, use the special Mefo Mousse gel.
- Always choose MOUSSE according to the type and size of the tyre, if necessary we will be happy to advise you on 603 811 714

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Mefo mousse 80-90/100-12

Mefo mousse 80-90/100-12

In stock 1 pcs

99.96 €
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Mefo mousse BAMBINI 60 / 100-12 front

Mefo mousse BAMBINI 60 / 100-12 front

In stock 1 pcs

72.51 €
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12" from Mefo

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