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Where to go on a motorcycle trip

Where to go on a motorcycle trip

With the arrival of spring, the same question arises every year for most passionate motorcyclists - Where to go on a motorcycle trip? The Czech Republic is not only a country rich in culture and history. It also offers amazing options for motorcycle adventures. With beautiful landscapes, winding roads and picturesque villages, it is an ideal environment for lovers of motorbike tours. Get to know some unforgettable places worth discovering and don't forget to properly prepare your motorbike and the necessary equipment.

How to prepare a motorcycle for a trip?

Before you go on a motorcycle trip, don't underestimate its preparation to ensure a smooth and safe trip. Preparing a motorcycle is an essential part of planning any longer route. Check the condition of the tires, including wear and air pressure. Make sure the tires are suitable for the current weather conditions and the terrain you plan to drive. Check the brake system including the brake pads, fluid and brake hose. Make sure the brakes are working properly and that there are no brake fluid leaks.

Also, don't forget to check all the lights on the motorcycle, including turn signals and brake lights, and check the condition of the oil and oil filter. If necessary, change the oil and filter according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Of course, also make sure you have enough fuel in the tank for your planned trip.

In addition to preparing the motorcycle itself, of course, do not forget to prepare other necessary equipment, such as a motorcycle helmet, motorcycle shoes and others. A suitable motorcycle bag will come in handy for a longer trip.

The best routes and places to discover in the Bohemian Paradise

The Czech Paradise is one of the most attractive destinations for bikers in the Czech Republic. Located in the northeast of the country, this area attracts motorcycle enthusiasts with its scenic roads and breathtaking views. Here are some places that are definitely worth a visit:

Turnov and surroundings – You will start your journey in the town of Turnov, which is the gateway to the Bohemian Paradise. Stroll through its streets and stop to see a local museum or church. Then follow the roads towards Little Rock where there are several rock formations and sandstone rock formations. Don't forget to stop by the symbol of the Bohemian Paradise - the Valdštejn rock castle.

Hruboskalsko - This area is famous for its impressive rock towers and beautiful paths. Driving past Hrubá skály and Mariánská vyhlídka requires good driving skills, but offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

Trosky - A motorcycle trip to the Bohemian Paradise should not be complete without a visit to Trosky Castle. Dominating the landscape, these two distinctive towers provide not only unprecedented photo opportunities, but also a fascinating historical backdrop.

Excursions in Czech Switzerland

With its majestic sandstone cliffs and vast forests, Czech Switzerland is perfect for bikers looking for adventure and beautiful views. This area, located in the north of the Czech Republic, attracts motorcycle lovers from all over Europe with its unique combination of wild nature and historical monuments. If you want to go on a motorbike trip to Czech Switzerland, here are some places you shouldn't miss:

Pravčická brána – As one of the most famous and eye-pleasing places in Bohemian Switzerland, you must not miss a visit to Pravčická brána. This impressive rock bridge is the largest in Europe and offers wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. Drive along the winding roads that lead to this natural monument and let yourself be enchanted by its beauty.

Tisá – Another pearl of Czech Switzerland, known for its rock towers and formations. Local routes will take you around these unique formations and give you the opportunity to admire the magnificent views.

Česká Kamenice – This picturesque town located in the heart of Czech Switzerland is an ideal place for a short stopover. Enjoy a walk through the narrow streets with historic houses or treat yourself to refreshments in local cafes.

Jetřichovice – Another village surrounded by breathtaking nature. Take a drive around Jetřichovice and its surroundings and discover the beauty and tranquility of this part of Bohemian Switzerland.

Hřensko and the gorges – Hřensko is the gateway to the gorges, where the Kamenice river has cut through the sandstone rocks, creating breathtaking canyons. A drive through this area is an unforgettable experience that will allow you to discover the unique natural beauty of Czech Switzerland.

Mountain panoramas and scenic routes in the Giant Mountains

Krkonoše, the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic, attracts not only tourists and winter sports lovers, but also motorcyclists who love adventure and beautiful views of mountain scenery. Because colder weather is no exception in the Krkonoše Mountains, be sure to pack a quality motorcycle jacket and motorcycle pants. Here are places that are definitely worth a visit in the Giant Mountains:

Špindlerův Mlýn – Start your journey in one of the most popular mountain resorts in the Czech Republic, Špindlerův Mlýn. The town offers a starting point for exploring the surrounding mountain roads and trails.

Trutnov and surroundings – The local roads will take you past pretty villages and through breathtaking forests, offering the opportunity to discover the beauty of the Krkonoše Mountains from a motorbike perspective.

Harrachov – Another beautiful mountain town that is worth a visit. A drive around this town will allow you to enjoy more mountain scenery and maybe even indulge in some mountain activity, such as the cable car to Devil's Mountain.

Pec pod Sněžkou – Enjoy a ride through the beautiful town, which is the starting point for the ascent to Sněžkou. The area offers a beautiful view of the Krkonoše peaks and the opportunity to experience the local mountain atmosphere. At the same time, you will find several attractions here, such as a bobsleigh track, or restaurants with traditional mountain delicacies.

Jánské Lázně – Another attractive destination in the Giant Mountains. A visit to Jánské Lázně offers you the opportunity to view the mountain scenery and visit local attractions, such as the cable car to Černá hora.

Discovering the beauty of Moravia on a motorbike

Moravia is a paradise for bikers. For those who crave adventure on two wheels, it offers diverse destinations that beckon to explore. Here are some tips on where to go on a motorcycle trip in Moravia:

Moravian Karst – Here you can go on a motorbike to the Punkevní Caves and to Macoš, which are the jewel of the Moravian Karst. Explore the underground world and admire the beauty of natural formations that will take your breath away.

Lednice-Valtice area - The castles of Lednice and Valtice together with the surrounding countryside full of vineyards and romantic parks form a unique area registered on the UNESCO list. Enjoy driving past lakes and vineyards and stop to explore castles.

Podyjí National Park – The ideal destination for bikers looking for views and adventure. The breathtaking wilderness is lined with deep forests, river valleys and rocky gorges, making it the perfect place for a motorbike trip. Drive along the road along the Dyje River, which takes you through a valley surrounded by rocky cliffs and stops at breathtaking viewpoints.

Mikulov and the surrounding area - Mikulov's surroundings are a treasure trove of cultural heritage, vineyards and beautiful landscapes. It is an ideal destination for motorcyclists, offering beautiful roads, historic towns and views of endless vineyards. On a multi-day trip, be sure to treat yourself to a tasting of excellent local wines at the end of the day. Be sure to visit the Mikulovsky Castle and Gardens. This Renaissance castle is located on a hill above the city and offers a beautiful view of the entire area. Explore the historic interiors and stroll through the beautifully maintained gardens.

Unforgettable destinations in the Moravian-Silesian region

The Moravian-Silesian region, with its rich history, unforgettable landscape and varied cultural offer, is a great destination for motorcycle trips. The region offers diverse routes and interesting places to discover. Take a look at some tips for a motorcycle trip in the Moravian-Silesian region:

The Beskydy and Jeseník - Pohoří offer wonderful scenery and great roads for a motorcycle trip. Ride switchbacks and stop at viewpoints where you can see vast forests and mountain peaks.

Radhošť and Pustevny – Another place ideal for visiting famous tourist spots. Here you will find not only beautiful views, but also the opportunity to taste traditional mountain specialties in local inns.

Lysá hora and surrounding area - Try riding a motorbike around the highest point of the Silesian Beskydy - Lysá hora. The surrounding countryside is full of tourist attractions, such as Ostravice, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí or Malenovice.

Opava and Hlučín Region – This region is rich in historic towns and beautiful countryside. A drive through the Opava region will take you to historical monuments such as Hradec nad Moravicí or the Opava underground passages.


Before you go on your trip, don't forget to make sure your motorbike is in good condition and keep in mind that the weather can be unpredictable, especially in mountainous areas, so equip yourself with good quality clothes suitable for motorbikes and also pack a raincoat in case of rain . In areas with more demanding terrain, be sure not to forget body protectors. No matter where you decide to go, a motorcycle trip around the Czech Republic is a guarantee of unforgettable experiences and beautiful memories. So get on board and enjoy a great adventure!





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