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Trade terms and conditions


in accordance with GDPR law from May 25 2018



I. Terms of payment and delivery


When purchasing goods through our e-shop, please make sure to properly fill in all informations in the form.

Goods purchased through our e-shop can be picked up personally at our shop in Jinín Here you can pay either in cash or with a credit or debit card. The goods will be delivered either by PPL or DPD or GLS transport company




II. Goods pick up


The customer is obliged to thorougly check the delivered goods and their packaging upon delivery.


Damaged packaging fall on responsibility of the transport company.


If the delivered goods are damaged, and the damage was clearly not caused by a damage of the packaging, please contact us. To do that you can use either an e-mail (


All our goods come with an instructions manual. A loss of such manual or its removal by a reseller does not fall on our responsibility.


III. Order cancellation

The buyer can cancel their order anytime before it is handed out to a transport company.  If the buyer has chosen a “cash on delivery” option, then in accordance with the law 367/2000 Sb. they can cancel their order within 14 days of receiving the goods. In this case please carefully follow the instructions below, to ensure that the money you have paid can be sent back to you.


1. Send a letter to our e-mail adress ( In this letter you have to officially announce that you intend to cancel your order. Please make sure to include the number of the order you want to cancel. Also include information about the way we can send you the money. The options are either a slip to your adress, or a transfer to your bank account (for that we require the number of your account).


2. Send the goods to our adress in Jinín. Please include an original receipt you have received from us. We will not accept the goods if they were sent with a cash on delivery payment.


3. The goods have to be unused, undamaged and complete (including all accessories, manual, warranty certificate, etc.).


The order can also be cancelled by the seller. We reserve the right to cancel an existing order in the case that the goods are no longer in production or the price has significantly changed. The buyer will be immediately informed, should such situation happen.


Complaint rules


The complaint rules purposefully specify the steps that are to be taken by the buyer and MEFO SPORT CENTRUM s.r.o. in case the quality of the delivered ware doesn’t meet the certified properties and the buyer has a justified reason to make a complaint.

Basic complaint rules:

Should an issue with the purchased ware appear during the warranty period, the customer has the right to make a complaint.

An ‘issue’ is defined as a significant change of ware‘s properties, caused by either a usage of a low quality material or by a non-compliance in used manufacturing technology.

An ‘issue’ is not a change of properties during warranty period caused as a consequence of extensive or wrong usage or insufficient maintenance. Natural aging of used materials or a damage caused directly by the user of the ware is also not considered an ‘issue’.


To be able to make a complaint the ware is to be complete and in a hygienically good condition. The customer has to properly clean the ware and make sure all debree is removed from the ware. MEFO SPORT CENTRUM s.r.o. reserves the right to refuse accepting a ware which does not comply with the above-mentioned terms.

The complaint made by a customer (including procedures such as: a fix of an issue, change of a faulty product for a new one or a refund) will always be carried out as soon as possible, not later than 30 days after the complaint was made.


Where and how can be a complaint made:

The customer can make a complaint either personally (at MEFO SPORT CENTRUM s.r.o., Jinín 60, 386 01 Strakonice), or by using a mail ( or a phone (+420 603 811 714). Please note that you have to have a valid receipt and the ware can not be sent to us with a “cash on delivery” payment. We will not accept such ware.

Authorised personnel is obliged to issue a customer with a confirmation about: the date of making the complaint, the solution the company will conduct and the legth of a solution’s execution. MEFO SPORT CENTRUM s.r.o. will pay the shipping of the ware back to the customer.

Once a complaint is made, the customer can not cancel it, unless they come to a new agreement with authorised personnel of MEFO SPORT CENTRUM s.r.o.


Period when a complaint can be made:


The customer is obliged to make a complaint within the warranty period and without any unnecessary delay from the day they noticed an issue. A continued usage of damaged ware may cause an additional damage and result in a refusal of a complaint. The warranty period lasts 24 months from the day the ware was received by the customer.

The time period between making a complaint and the day the customer is obliged to receive the ware, is not considered a part of the warranty period of the ware. MEFO SPORT CENTRUM s.r.o. is obliged to provide the customer with information about when the complaint was registered by us, about the conducted repair and the length of the repair. If the complaint results in an exchange of the ware, the new warranty period will start from the day the new ware was received by the customer. In the case of a repair or change of a single component, a new warranty period will be issued to this specific component.

The warranty period is not interchangeable with ware’s service life. A service life is defined as a time span, during which the ware is able to operate given its purpose, condition, frequency of use and a treatment and maintenance quality.


Fixable issues:


Fixable issues are defined as those which can be repaired without damaging the appearance, function or service life of the ware.

In the case of a fixable issue, MEFO SPORT CENTRUM s.r.o. is obliged to properly fix it as soon as possible and without any additional cost. The issue will be fixed within 30 days from the day when the complaint was made.


The way of fixing the issue will be decided by authorised personnel. They will also set a day when the customer is to pick up the fixed ware, unless they agree on using a transport company instead.

In the case of a fixable issue the customer can choose to exchange the ware for a different one, or to completely cancel the purchase if:

The issue was not fixed within 30 days of making a complaint and there was no other agreement with the seller.

The customer can not continue using the ware because the exact same fixable issue appeared for the third time after being fixed twice, or because multiple fixable issues (at least three) appear at once.


Non-fixable issues:

Non-fixable issues are defined as such issues, which can not be repaired or the repair is not worthwhile, considering all other circumstances.

If the non-fixable issue hinders proper usage of the ware, the customer can demand:

replacement of the ware with a new one without any issues

cancellation of the purchase

If the non-fixable issue does not hinder a proper usage of the ware (for example the issue is only esthetic) and the customer does not want a replacement, he has a right for an adequate discount, or they can cancel the purchase. The amount of discount depends on the type of the issue, amount of ware and how long the ware was being used.

The complaint rules were created in compliance with valid juristic regulations and as such is considered to be fully in compliance with the laws of the Czech Republic.


 Personal data protection - GDPR

Basic provision:

In compliance with no. 4 pt 7 of law 216/679 by European Parliament and Council of the European Union about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the customer’s personal data is collected and stored by MEFO SPORT CENTRUM s.r.o., IN: 62415638, adress: Jinín 60, 38601 Strakonice (data controller).


Contact information of the data controller:



Jinín 60, CZ 386 01  Strakonice



Reason and purpose of collecting personal data:

We collect only the data which are necessary for the trade agreement. That means name and surname, adress, telephone number and email. If you are an enterpriser, then we will also collect the IN and TIN numbers.


The data are required for us to be able to send you the ordered goods. Email is needed for the confirmation of your order, adress is needed so that we know where to send the order and the telephone number is used by the delivery company to contact you.


If you don’t want to provide us the data, then an eshop order can not and will not be performed. That means the only way for you to anonymously buy goods from us is to personally purchase them in our Jinín or Srbín shop.



If you are not interested in email newsletters, don’t worry. No newsletters will be sent to you without your endorsement. If you are receiving the newsletter and you don’t want to anymore, you can always take the endorsement back.

By filling in the contact form you agree with using your data for marketing purposes, such as reviews.

Protection of your personal data


We store the data in a computer protected by a password, as well as ESET antivirus. This computer is not accessible to unauthorised personnel. All company premises have an electronic protection system. The data controller pledges that the access to this computer is only allowed to authorised personnel.



Rights of the customer in relation to their personal data


You have the right to ask any question about your data or their collection. You also can request correction or deletion of your data within the bounds set by the law (we are obligated to store invoices).



We reserve the right to refuse or financially charge difficult or repeated requests from your side.


You can always take back your advertisement or newsletter endorsement.


Jana Wolfschlägerová m.p.

company director

last updated May 23 2018

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