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Acerbis Tank Yamaha TT 600

Manufacturer: ACERBIS ITALIA SKU: 0001593.030
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297.59 €

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Material: polyethylene

Volume: 23 liters

Sold including MDR lid (more information about the lid under order code 0011670_090). YAMAHA TT 600 KICK STARTER 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997- YAMAHA TT 6OO ELETRIC STARTER 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003

Why Acerbis brand: Plastics of the world-famous Italian brand ACERBIS, which has been producing spare plastic parts for motorcycles since 1973. Thanks to the use of a special material, they have excellent flexibility and strength. , with long life and high resistance to damage. Acerbis plastics produced in Italy are characterized by color fastness and all have an original factory shape according to the model. They are a guarantee of high quality and sophistication of the product. It guarantees the quality of its goods and does not allow them not to meet the conditions required of them (homologation, water resistance, absorbency, strength, color, flexibility, air ...)

Production: All products are developed and tested in its testing laboratories in order to they were fully functional and met all parameters. They are made of quality material, in the most modern design, corresponding to the world trend.

Made in Italy

Plastics Acerbis: Meets all parameters for demanding off-road driving. Top quality. Long-term experience. First-class material.

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